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ahcof export products fruit and vegetable

in order to ensure product quality and safety, the company vigorously develops a controllable vegetable base. at present, it has three types of vegetable planting bases: self-owned, cooperative and contract-based, which have passed ciq, acceptance and certification respectively. the company chooses the surrounding farms without pollution sources, and implements unified, strict and standardized management of the raw material base. before planting, the soil and irrigation water are tested for pesticide residues and heavy metals, and effective isolation belts are set up around the base to prevent nearby pollutants. influence.

agricultural materials such as fertilizers and pesticides are directly purchased from manufacturers or distributors who can guarantee quality, and they are required to provide quality assurance certificates and have three certificates of registration certificate, product standard, and production approval. in particular, pesticides must first pass the pesticide component testing to ensure quality, and then be uniformly purchased by professionals, distributed uniformly, instructed uniformly, used uniformly, and recorded and filed.

3-5 days before the raw materials are harvested, the company's quality control staff will sample the base raw materials and send them to the company's testing center for testing. the raw material transportation must be accompanied by the raw material delivery note. the base staff is responsible for clearly filling in the plot number, harvest time, train number, harvest area, pre-harvest pesticide residue test sheet number, delivery vehicle number, and departure time on the raw material list. and other information, through the record to the processing plant as a traceability management.

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